September 10, 2021

Giving Back Through Golf

I first was introduced to, and got involved with, TGR Foundation when they expanded to the Washington D.C. region in 2007. I love golf and have been a fan of Tiger throughout his career. However, as I learned more about Tiger’s foundation and the impact it has on the lives of youth, I wanted to get more involved. I now serve as a member of TGR Foundation’s Board of Governors and have supported numerous TGR Live events that benefit the foundation, including all 10 years of the Tiger Woods Invitational presented by USLI.

There are many unique aspects of the Tiger Woods Invitational that bring me back every year such as time with PGA TOUR professionals and access to playing three of the top ranked golf courses in the country. Also, my team winning the 2019 Invitational stands out as a top memory. The ability to expand my personal and professional networks with other great people who care about youth is important as well. However, what matters most is that through the event you are giving back and supporting students in need.

I was honored to be the featured speaker during the 2014 Tiger Woods Invitational dinner. What made the experience so special is that I was able to share my unique perspective not only as a board member but also as a mentor of an Earl Woods Scholar to all the participants of the event. The Earl Woods Scholar program is an incredible program I am very proud of as it provides significant support beyond financial aid, especially through the mentor mentee relationship.

TGR Foundation’s programs help students to pursue their passions and change their expectations. Every student I have interacted with over the years has been dramatically impacted. What these students thought was possible is so different after being involved with the foundation. Access to education is critical. I see how important it was on my life. If we are going to change the cycle of poverty and lack of hope, education is at center of that change. TGR Foundation works tirelessly to make education accessible to those who do not have it. It is through this work that TGR Foundation is having an impact on lives that will last generations. Events like the Tiger Woods Invitational are extremely important to achieve this change.

I love golf, but I love helping kids even more. The opportunity to support this event and TGR Foundation is a perfect combination of my passions. I cannot think of a better way to give back.

Leo Tucker is a managing partner at Northwestern Mutual, leading the companies office in Washington D.C. After joining the company as a financial representative in 1991, he has been an integral leader in Northwestern Mutual’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts.