November 28, 2018

Tiger Woods shares memorable experience with mentee

Of the many differentiators of TGR Foundation’s Earl Woods Scholar program, the mentorship component is one that sets it apart from others around the country. Each of the 218 scholars is paired with a dedicated adult mentor to provide support throughout their college journey and beyond. With more than 98% of the scholars in the program being first-generation college students, mentor relationships are vital to helping students navigate the uncharted territories of college.

The role of a mentor encompasses more than helping a scholar with math questions or proofreading an essay. It also includes providing advice, counseling or a shoulder to lean on when needed. The experience provides professionals the chance to build a life-long relationship with a student while guiding them through challenges and celebrating their accomplishments.

This year, Tiger Woods became an Earl Woods Scholar mentor and was paired with Sammy Mohammed, a first-year student at Stanford University. The two caught up in Monterey, CA during the 2018 Tiger Woods Invitational presented by the United States Liability Insurance Company (USLI). Sharing a connection to Stanford, the two discussed campus life, study habits and much more. Combing Tiger’s passion for golf and Sammy’s love for computer science, they discovered how the two go hand-in-hand and decided to experiment with a robotic ball called Sphero. Using Tiger’s ability to read the green, and Sammy’s coding skills, the two were successful in making the ball roll into the hole, on the second try!

Sharing passions and interests as mentor and mentee build a bond that will last a lifetime. While Tiger’s accomplishments in tournament golf are what many see and remember, it’s moments like these that ultimately make a lasting impact. To learn more about the mentorship program at TGR Foundation visit